Sea World SAN ANTONIO Touring plan?

My daughter is taking a band trip in March. We actually went in 2012, but obviously the park has changed the past 12 years.

So what would be a good touring plan for the park? She will have only one day and part of that day will be a performance, so she will likely have time only for the best rides and shows.

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The last time I went was in 2016 maybe? Not sure what has changed since then. I’ve also been to Sea World San Diego in 2022.

My advice for Sea World is to do the following:

  • Look at a list of the shows and determine which are must-dos (for me, that is Orcas, Dolphins, and Sea lions). Try to see the first possible showtime of each with the least time in between. Arrive about 30 min before showtime to get a good seat.
  • Look at the list of rides and choose the ones that are the highest priority. Ride the most popular ride earliest to avoid a long line. Keep in mind that the super coasters will possibly have lower waits because not as many people may be willing to ride them.

Shows are disruptive to a touring plan because they take a lot of time getting between them, waiting for the show to start, and then watching them. But on the other hand, they’re what makes Sea World unique and fun. So it’s a bit of a trade-off. If you watch all the shows, you won’t have time for as many rides. But if you only want to ride rides, you can probably get through all the major ones in a day with time to spare.

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