SDMT Modifying/Availability In App

I keep checking (just in case) to see if I can modify my 7DMT FP for earlier in the day. I realize I might have a better chance of it happening day of, but I have a question. I select the change button and 7DMT doesn’t come up on the list of available OR unavailable FP’s. It’s not there at all. Why?

There are two change/modify buttons now. If you are in MDE and select the fast pass you want to change, there is “change” you can select near the top under the name of the attraction, this is where you change from one attraction to the other.
The second is next to the time, is you click this one it will change to different times for the same attraction, so I think this is the one you need.


Ok. I knew about the two change buttons, but because the other change button says “your selection is no longer available” I figured I was on the wrong button. Would be better if it said something like there are no times available for that selection, or similar wording as the other page. They had to go and further complicate things. :crazy_face:

Or, just use the full site or mobile site and you can still look at both options at once.