SDMT-Keep FP or not?

The only FP I was able to get was 7:20PM, which means I won’t be able to get a 4th or 5th FP(correct?). Should I keep it or let it go? Any chance you can get a SDMT as 4th or 5th on day of?
BTW we are a group of 10…which I feel limits our FP choices :frowning:

Keep. Try to modify to earlier on the day of. But don’t count on it. 7D pretty much requires FPP.

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Your only option other than FP is to ride at RD but with a party of 10 I can’t imagine you’ll beat the crowds there so you would likely still have a wait.

Keep. Did you try breaking into smaller groups with overlapping times? I just came back from a trip with 10 and we were able to overlap for great choices on 4th, 5th, 6th FPP selections. Maybe two groups of 5 or three groups 4, 3&3 would open more choices. As long as you overlap you can all still ride together.


Keep checking back, as well. Sometimes times open up for that one. I had a 7:30pm once and by the next morning I was able to get a 9:30am. But there were only 5 of us. As a previous poster said, break your group up and you might have better luck.

Are you at 30 or 60 days?

BTW - 0% chance it will be available as a 4th, 5th or 6th FPP day of. Zero. Unless you have an in who can work magic or miracles.

Agree with all of the above - especially with a group that size

Ok I’ll keep checking to see if we can get something earlier. We have one child that will be too small so I guess we could use Rider swap with that? I still don’t understand completely how it works, but if Inise rider swap how many people can go with the swap pass?

Rider swap covers 3 people total.

Thanks! Also trying to figure out I have a FP for Cinderella/Elena at 10am can we realistically do dumbo, barnstormer, carnival characters and be back up to princesses before 11?

And how realistic is it to count on getting a same day FP for splash or big thunder mountain?

Those are hard ones. For party of 10 I would say not likely.

I had good luck getting haunted mansion, barnstormer, jungle cruise, pirates, small world, buzz, late space mountain on the same day for party of 10 sometimes splitting to overlapping parties of 5. No goes on the same day were Peter Pan, splash, BTMRR, 7dmt, talking Mickey

Thank you so much…great information on the fast passes!

The character meets would make it tight but not impossible. You also get a 15 minute grace period where Mickey still turns green when you scan 15 minutes after the official end of the FPP window.