SDMT FPP at 30 days

We booked FPP for our October trip well after the 60 day mark and, as expected, there were no SDMT available. I know I can keep checking to see and I might get lucky but we are coming up on the 30 day mark and I’m wondering if I should bother staying up that night. Does anyone have any experience with 30 day FPP that can say whether or not additional SDMT FPP are released at that time?

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There are 7DMT FPP for October 18th, which is 34 days out. I would keep checking. I was also able to snag one another day that was 33 days out. Check multiple times a day and you might get lucky.

Check all the time, on Thursday we went to make fpp 7 or 8 (it is easy to lose count later in the day) and saw 7dmt available for an hour later that day. It took everything for me to not get it since we had already been on it quite a few times and we had already planned on getting something that my 2yo could ride