SDMT FP Help - Split Party

So our group of 6 has different FP book dates due to differing arrivals.

Group A (need 3 FPs) - Arrives Sunday
Group B (need 2 FPs) - Arrives Wednesday

We want to mine train on Friday. We do not have park hopper - and are visiting magic kingdom on Wednesday (group B’s arrival date) and Friday.

So, I am not really worried about Group A getting FPs because its so far out. BUT I am worried about getting FPs for all 5 if I wait till Group B’s FP day.

What would you do? Is getting 2 FPs for Wednesday arrivals for a Friday ride not doable? Help!

Are you all staying onsite? And have group 2 booked a package or room-only?

We are all onsite. And yes we have two package - one for each party.


Assuming you are linked in MDE (listed under family and friends), you may be able to book their FPs for them at your 60 day window. Their tickets won’t be valid for booking FPs for days before their package starts, but other than that you should be able to book for them.

The reason for the bolded “may” is that sometimes packages can complicate booking windows now that date-based tickets are in use. You might get an error message when you try to select them.

Fingers crossed it works for you. :slightly_smiling_face: