SDMT FP at 9:30 and fireworks?

I managed to get a SDMT for my 2 sons at 9:25 pm, but I wanted for us all to see the fireworks. Any chance they could do that and also see the fireworks? Location etc? I will be looking for an earlier time but this was already an evening only for us at MK so it’s not that bad to have one that late.

What time is park close and what time is HEA on your day? You can’t see the projections from 7DMT so will likely not want to watch from there.

Closes at 10 with HEA at 10, but hours could easily get extended b/c it’s Thanksgiving week.

I would try to modify them - sounds like that will be the most ideal situation, not to mention open up other FPP options:

if you do keep them, send them to ride at 9:20. It sounds like from your first post that you might be okay splitting up for a bit. If that’s the case, you could stake out a predetermined spot as a family for HEA. Then, let them ride and return to the spot.

Other thought would be for them to ride right at close or to ride at RD, taking out the need for and FP.