SDFP question

Say I have pre-booked fastpasses for EE at 4, Navi at 5, and KS at 6. If I want to try to modify my Navi to FoP at the 3:01 and/or 5:01 drop times, will available FoP times even show up if they conflict with my EE or KS fastpasses? Or is it easier if I don’t have any other fastpasses that will be “in the way” when I’m trying to modify?

When you click modify for the Navi fastpass, the system will show you all rides that are available during that time slot. Hopefully, if FOP is available you will see it there. Once your window is done for your third fastpass (or you’ve scanned the touchpoint on your third ride), you can start searching for various time ranges.

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My experience with just modifying the fast passes I have is that it won’t show you times that conflict with your existing fast passes. Only because I’d move one fast pass and suddenly I could move another into part of the time slot it had previously occupied. Not sure if it was just by chance or not, but that’s my limited experience.


@ehsanchez I have alot of experience with getting a 4th FPP after using the first 3 but not much experience with my above scenario. I think that you are right that it won’t show times that conflict with existing FPP. I thought perhaps it would show any available times for FoP and give me a prompt to cancel an existing FPP that conflicted. Kind of like when you try to book an ADR that conflicts with another ADR.

I just went back and double checked my trip report. I only had my 3rd FP remaining which I was modifying, so I don’t know the answer to this either.