SDD FastPass

How much luck have people had getting a Slinky Dog Dash FastPass? I was looking at TP’s FastPass availability 60-70 days out, and found a lot of availability already gone… My goal is to get a Slinky FP on the morning of day 60+3 (so arrive on Feb 16, I want a Slinky FastPass sometime the morning of Feb 19). How realistic is this? Has anyone had trouble getting a Slinky Fastpass a few days into their trip? If I am able to get a later in the day FP, what are the odds of being able to move it up?

On our last trip we were unable to secure a FPP or to obtain one during. It was a shortie though, so that may have factored in.

I was able to get a FPP in the late afternoon at my 60 days and have been trying to move it up but no luck yet! I will be there on a CL9 day though.

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I could not get SDD at 60+3 and 60+5. Waiting 65 minutes in standby twice. Awesome ride.

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Just had my 60+ FP day on Monday. Plenty of SDD availability when I was trying for AM on 60+3&7

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We’ve not had a problem getting FPs in advance for a party of 3 (2 separate days last trip) and even day of FPs for a party of 2 (3 times last trip, two of which were on the same day). That was in late September, so clearly not one of the busier times of year - your mileage may vary.

We were able to get SDD for 60+3 for our party of 5 We chose evening passes but there were morning times available too.

I know the CL will be different when you travel, but there are evening FP’s available today for 60+3.

Monday as in yesterday? And you were able to get a morning FP for 60+3?

Yes. 10:30.

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Tried 60 + 5 on a crowd level 3 day and got evening. Wonder if it’s true there are fewer FPP on lower crowd level days

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I was able to get 60+5 in the early afternoon. We’re going the week of MLK day

I think that’s correct. TP has a blog post somewhere about this, but the gist of it is that the shorter park hours on lower-crowd days means fewer passes and so that the availability of SDD FP doesn’t vary much between different crowd levels. They are hard to get no matter what the crowd level is.

So - today was FP selection day for me. Was able to get pretty much everything I wanted, including SDD for early afternoon of day 60+3. I’m going to try and move it a little earlier as the trip approaches, but if not, we do have a FP for it. :smile:

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