SDD 9 am FPP

I have one. And as of right now, HS park opening is at 9 am (which I realize may change to earlier) Also as of right now, I’m actually planning on rope dropping Lightening McQueen anyway Before heading to TSL :joy: buttttt, I’m just curious. If someone has an opening time FPP for SDD, do they have to wait on that crazy long line I saw pictures of yesterday with all the other folks waiting to get into TSL?

And to piggyback on this idea…I have a PPO GG res the next day at Epcot. Is there a special entry area that’s available? Is it hard to find if so?

That line was just the standby queue. You will be allowed to go up to the FastPass entrance.

At either entrance, Main or International GW, there will be a tapstile reserved for ppl with PPO breakfast. It’s usually on the far end of the row. (There’s a lot of construction at the entrances now, so it I can’t confirm if it’s on the left or right end - but it’s very easy to find) There’s usually a CM with a sign out front. However, if you don’t see anything, just ask a CM / security they’ll point you the right way.

FYI - They don’t seat ppl at PPO breakfast based on reservation time, but on arrival to the restaurant. They start letting all PPO ADRs in around 7:45am. So if someone has an 8:30am ADR but arrives at the reservation podium before you, they will be seated first. If you want to make sure to get a healthy jump on the day, you kinda need to get to the park as soon as possible.

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Lightning McQueen doesn’t open with the park opening. Currently, it opens at 10:00 a.m. even though HS opens at 8:00 a.m.

That’s GREAT to know! I was kind of hoping for that to be the case because we have 8:20, and I would love to have a bit more time to enjoy breakfast/characters before heading to Soarin. We will definitely aim for 8 am!

Oh no! I now need to review/change my plans. I’m surprised it was allowed to be in my TP for 9am. I would think it shouldn’t be allowed if that’s the way it always is.

It can be tough for TP to keep up with all the schedule changes of the many entertainment offerings at the parks. I’ve emailed about this one.


Just thinking how thankful I am you told me this. I would have been upset to have found this out in the park that morning. Thank you! And thanks for letting the TP people know as well :blush:

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Aw, shucks. But that’s what this community is all about - trying to help others have a good trip (in spite of weather, crowds, prices, long lines, etc.).

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I just got the reply from TP that they’ve updated the times for McQueen. Try your plan again!

Yes! I had actually already updated my plan based on your info. But the old plan was still saved so I hit evaluate on it just to see what happened, it updated to a 10am opening and a 65 minute wait time (since I have myself getting to the park at 9). I have now deleted the plan. lol! Thank you again :slight_smile: