Scored an 8:05 BOG Pre-park Opening Reservation!

Thanks to the Touringplans reservation finder.


Enjoy! Worked perfect for us, 7DMT and PP done before 9:20

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Did they let you ride prior to park open?

I just did this same thing last week. Don’t dawdle in BOG as people start leaving and lining up for 7dmt. My wife and I were out between 8:30 and 8:40 and were about 100 people deep in line at most. They hold the people right at the corner of ride by carousel and line wraps back toward BOG. You beat rope drop crowd from front and they let us start riding around 8:55.

My wife and I did 7DMT, and then went back and rode Big Thunder and Splash multiple times before 10am.


Same as other report, we did it two weeks ago, they let us ride once the fireworks at the castle at the end of the opening show. We got in line about 8:40.

Do you think it’s an advantage to go to thunder and splash first? We have a FP for seven dwarfs, but wanted to rope drop the other two.