Scooter/ wheelchair in WDW

We’re supposed to be leaving for WDW next Weds, but DS16 severely sprained his ankle & will be in a boot with crutches for awhile. He still wants to go, so looking for recommendations on wheelchair/scooters & tips to make sure he still has a great time. We’ll be offsite with a vehicle. TIA!

Most scooter rental places won’t rent for use for minors, FYI.
Also, they can be difficult to disassemble and put into a vehicle. Your best bet is to rent a wheelchair.
We’ve used Gold Mobility in the past for a scooter for DH when he wrecked his knee. They were really good, and I think they do also rent wheelchairs.
We’ve also used Orlando Medical Rentals for some pediatric equipment and they were fine also.

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A friend a work was is the same situation and he rented a knee walker/scooter.

Something like this:


I agree with @linsalt. A knee scooter is the best thing ever instead of crutches. He’ll thank you forever.

In 2008, my DS (then 16) had ACL surgery 2 weeks before our planned WDW trip. He was still on crutches at that time. I planned on renting a wheelchair at the parks since he could travel the short distances (from the bus, park lot to main gate) with his crutches. We ended up getting a wheelchair to use for our length of stay at POR For free after asking about them at the ring desk. They even delivered it to our room. It was great! Pushing him through the parks was no more difficult then pushing the double stroller we had had with our 2 little ones in.
I am not sure in the on-site hotels still have wheelchairs but it might be an option with renting from the parks as a backup.

If you want to go with a scooter Gold Mobility. The Go-Go sport is super easy to break down to put in vehicle. My mom’s husband liked it so much during Disney trip he bought his own for use around the neighborhood.

A knee scooter is a great idea. It is an easy way to get around. My 15yo daughter just had foot surgery and uses one to get around.
Just talked to a scooter rental company and was told that Disney does not allow minors to operate mobile scooters in the parks.

Hmmm. I’ve nearly been run down by a scooter with a grandchild in the lap. Sooo maddening and scary.

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She was in one last year at Disneyland (she’s an accident waiting to happen), so that took me by surprise. Then again, my daughter does look older than her age.
Called another one and was told it was okay. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for all of the feedback! I did some followup research & the following long post is what I was advised.

First I searched the Plan Disney boards, but couldn’t find anything related to ECV operation by those <18.

Disney’s online info directs questions to Disability Services. I spoke to a CM in that area who said the 18yo age limit is for WDW rentals due to liability considerations. I explained we would be staying offsite and asked if there were any limitations on a 16yo in a boot & crutches using an ECV in the parks. The CM indicated I’d have to talk to offsite ECV rental company for their policies (obv). I pushed a little and explained I’d heard there was a policy against those under 18 operating ECVs in the park, and the CM said it was entirely up to the 3rd party rental company.

I then spoke to Gold Mobility. Their rep said that while the rental contract would be with me, it was fine for me to let my 16yo operate it in the parks. I explained again that I’d heard there were Disney rules against minors operating scooters & the rep said that Disney can’t do that due to the ADA.

So…I think I’ll call Disney a couple more time and see if I get a different answer :laughing:
An ECV would make our trip easier & more enjoyable and my son can easily pass for 18. However, I’m not a fan of breaking rules just because I can get away with it, so I’d like to be sure there’s not a rule on the books, so to speak. I know it’s a huge operation, but I wish Disney could be a little more consistent with some of these things, since others have clearly had different experiences.