Scooping Up Cancelled Tours, Dessert Party, etc

We recently decided to do a semi-last minute trip to WDW in May, or at least last minute enough that booking things like the dessert party or the tours is not an option. I know people cancel those from time to time – if I wanted to try to grab something like that that someone else cancelled, what is the best time to do that? Week before? Day before? Day of? Any strategies that people can recommend?

Thanks in advance!

They have to be cancelled two days prior to avoid fee’s so I would guess 48 hours ahead of time. Most of the tours don’t typically sell out though, so if you call the tour line you may be able to get in on some of them.

There often is a bump in cancellations 45 days before a given stay, as that is the deadline for paying off the balance on a vacation package.

I saw a bump around 60 days, too, when people are doing fpp. Also 5 days out is the room only cancellation deadline.

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As previous posters have said, 60 and 45 days. But, for dessert party, I’ve also called while having down time in the park that day and been able to do a dessert party every time! Good luck!