Sci Fi ADRs for 4, do they exist?

I have now booked 3 separate backup trips in September and October, and have not been able to find an ADR for 4 at Sci Fi. However, plenty of ADRs for 2. So I booked two ADRs at same time slot, hoping to combine them when I arrive there.

  1. Are there really no ADRs for 4 people? Seems like if there were 2 slots for 2, that would be a “car”, and there should be a slot for 4?
  2. Will I have issues combining the 2 separate ADRs into 1?

They exist but I think it’s one of the more difficult ones to get. I used res finder and was able to get it on my last trip.

Edit: I think the cars might be 3 rows. So a res for 2 might be the 3rd row with another group.

We eat there every trip, and always get ADRs for 3-4 people. It is a very popular restaurant. The cars are mostly 3 rows, and the 3rd row will be for parties of 1 or 2 if available. There are a few cars that have only 2 rows, we have been seated in them before as well. I would keep trying for an ADR of 3 or 4. Two 2 person ADRs will be 2 back seats of different cars.

We were 7 or 8 people often in our last trip and for many of the restaurants I got reservations of 4 and 4 or 6 and 2. Not once did I have an issue with us being seated together. I would just say I have a reservation for Melissa M and Dan M and we’re together.

The only place where you want to watch out (not at Sci Fi) is at buffets where you are charged based on people. I booked 4 and 4 at GG and there was only 7 of us that day and the waiter actually caught it right before he brought us the bill. I think I probably would have missed it!

Yes there are ADRs for 4, we’ve got then with no issues.

My last trip I had a group of 6 and had 3 res of 2 people each. I asked if we could be at the same table and was pleasantly surprised that it actually happened. We weren’t in one of the more “car looking” cars, but it was still a lot of fun. I would have been ok being split up as well b/c we had 3 adults and 3 kids.

I had such a hard time finding ADR for Sci Fi. with parties of 4 and 5. We started taking the chance of asking for walk in reservation. We were 3 out 3 in Januar-Febuary on getting seated with parties of 4 and 5 in less then 10 minutes.


Wow that is lucky. When I was there January 9th, I overheard the hostess telling people the wait would probably be 90 minutes or more.

We’ve always gotten a res for 4

You should be able to combine, though, two ressies for 2 into one car.

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But if you check in together you could tell them the four want to be together and very likely not end up separated.


I’ll keep looking. Just shocked because I had no problem getting other extremely difficult ADRs like BOG and Akershus at the times I wanted. Another unexpected one was 50’s prime time. Perhaps they’ve limited the number of slots at HS restaurants for some reason

We ate at Sci-Fi last trip and I remember there were limited times at 180+6 or something like that. I think that 50s and Sci-Fi are just really low capacity compared to other restaurants so they are always tough to book.