School vacation...Feb or April?

We can only travel during school vacation next year so I am looking for pros/cons about visiting the world during Feb and April vacation. Neither is my first choice, but…

Probably depends which week?

Feb vacation begins with President’s Day and April begins with Easter. Double whammy!

That’s what I was afraid of.: Seems like with Easter so late in April next year, I’d be surprised if as many schools had break the week after Easter, and crowd calendar seems to agree with me. President’s day is a notoriously busy time, but it is sooner. :slight_smile: Also, I prefer the weather in April–that being said, I wore a hoodie nearly every day during my mid-May trip this year so you never know!

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We were at Universal first week in February this year. We brought a selection of options, but long clothes and shorts. We never needed the long pants. Wore shorts the entire trip because it was so warm, even into the evenings. We brought hoodies with us for the evenings, but didn’t really need them.

So, who knows! For whatever reason, the weather is as unpredictable as…the weather!


Oops, wishful thinking on my part. April vacation ends with Easter.

We have the same choices. Next year, I’ll probably do February (although the past 2 years I’ve done both). We fly in on Wednesday of school vacation week (after the President’s Day weekend folks are gone) and we fly out on Monday (cheaper flights and DS misses a day of school - it hasn’t been a problem for us). With April ending with Easter, I’m steering clear of it this year.

I am in MA so it is my school vacation week. When southwest flights open later this month I plan on booking Sunday-Sunday flights. I have a DVC reservation Tuesday-Sunday.

In 2020 I will go in April but next year my Gold AP is blacked out in April so it is February for me!

I think that Easter is a busier holiday than presidents Day - Some school systems - at least in the North East have started eliminating Feb vacation. Some have the ‘collage’ schedule with one in March and nothing in Feb or April - others are getting rid of Feb because of snow days.
It might not be enough to swing the crowds in Disney, but if I had to pick one, I would do Feb.

Depends when your April vacation is. We have traveled at that time the last two years and it has become our favorite, but it coincides with Easter for us this year so that’s a no. February is preferable (but then we have hockey playoffs to work around)

Can’t miss school because I’m the educator in the family and we can not take days before or after a break from school, so I am limited. We have only gone in April and the busiest was an Easter week but it was our first trip so we were clueless and it was amazing!!! (The trip, not being clueless!) Predicted crowd levels actually look higher in Feb, but folks seem to be leaning that way. So much to consider!

The vacation week ends on Easter.

Yeah I probably wouldn’t go then, unless a short trip the Sunday-Thursday. It will be getting crazy by thurs/fri I think