Scheduling Meet and Greets

Hi everyone,

This May will be my second trip to WDW with my boyfriend. The first time we went we stuck to the official touring plans from the book and it worked out wonderfully. However, this time around we know our favourite rides and I have subscribed to create my own plans. I love this feature, it’s wonderful. However, does anyone know how I can add character meet and greets to my plan? Some show up and some don’t. For example, I want to schedule one with Gaston in MK, and also some of the princesses in World Showcase as we won’t be doing character dining this time around (sad face).

Thank you!

I think you can schedule a break and make a note for yourself for what you’ll actually be doing.

that’s the only way to do it.

my experience with these meet & greets that don’t have fast passes is that they are tricky to schedule. the characters are given breaks (rightfully so), and that it makes it hard to know exactly WHEN they are scheduled to be there. for example:
Meet Characters from Aladdin in Adventureland is scheduled from 9:30 to 5:10 next Friday. But they are not there from 9:30 to 5:10 straight through. you also have to get in line before the cast member/handler stops letting people in line.

if the times guide says 12:45,1:45,2:45,3:45 , etc. I would be there at 12:15 for the 12:45 scheduled start time. perhaps this doesn’t hold true for all no fp meet and greets though…

That makes sense. So I have to keep my eye out for the times guide for May then, so that I can schedule “breaks” accordingly and meet the characters I want to meet.

Yes. Unfortunately, you have to wait. I have yet to meet characters in World Showcase because of this scheduling difficulty. WS is a huge place and I can’t get the touring down just right.

So true re: WS.

We met Marie & Aurora once by total chance. There was no line so we just walked right up to both.

Jasmine now meets at the back of the Morocco pavilion. Really off the radar. We saw her by chance as we were trying to find all the Figment paintings during Festival of Arts. Looked over and there she was! Waited behind 1 other group.

Snow White & Belle on the other hand… those lines are always bonkers.

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Bonkers is right! After chasing down Alice, Aurora, Jasmine/Aladdin, and Belle, DH took one look at the line for Snow White and almost lost his mind. Luckily we shipped him off to Germany for some air conditioning and then he met us at Mulan which was thankfully also air conditioned! We promised DH we wouldn’t do that again…especially in the middle of August! :sunglasses:

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I hope “air conditioning” is code for “beer”. lol.

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Now there’s a strategy that makes sense!!