Scheduling FP if NOT rope dropping

My FP day is just under 24 hours from now and that last-minute panic of making sure I have a solid plan is setting in. We are there Thanksgiving Week so I know we should be making the most out of our day by rope-dropping, etc. But unfortunately, my DH is adamantly against planning for it, and would rather get there early if we “happen to be awake early”, but not set alarms, etc. So as much as it pains me, I have to go along with that. So my thought was to just schedule our FP as early in the day as possible so we have time to add more after we use our third, etc. But then some people insist that if I schedule them later in the day when the lines would be longer, that makes more sense. Thoughts? We are staying at the GF, using Disney Transportation, and are usually up by 7 am or so without an alarm. We have Park Hoppers. So In summary, my question is, based on Thanksgiving Week crowds, no rope drop plan, should FP be scheduled as early in the day as possible, or later in the afternoon? Thoughts?

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If you’re usually up by 7, I would schedule your FPP for 9, 10, 11 and then go from there.


Never been that week, but I am a fan of RD combined with earlier FPP so I can take advantage of both the lower crowds of RD and the availability of same day FPP. So, I usually schedule them for 9, 10 and 11, for example, and then try and work other attractions in around them.

However, with a CL of 9 and 10 on Thanksgiving Day and the following couple of days, there may not be a whole lot of same day FPP availability. I think RD is critical for those days, so put in place whatever types of nefarious plans you can to get up early. :wink:

I would plan for FPP beginning around the time that you think you will get there. I would imagine that by the time the park has been open for 2 hours, there will be hefty wait times everywhere, so I would schedule FPP for late morning, and then hope for additional same day for rides with less demand.

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My DH and DS are late sleepers too, so I understand. I talked with DH and we agreed to plan on getting to the park at 10 for planning purposes. I agree with @OBNurseNH - I’d plan starting at a 9 am FPP - remember that you have until 10 to use it (plus a few minutes).

I had to remind myself a couple times that the trip is for the whole family and not just the early risers. :slightly_smiling_face:. I’ve heard a couple trip reports on WDW podcast where the family planned to be at the park early and had to cancel their FPP because they didn’t make it, so maybe this will Work out great!

Hope you all have a great trip!


I would make FP for 10, 11, and 12 to be on the safe side.

I feel you. I am usually the late riser in my family but I am 100% in for RD. My teens are resistant but also hate lines so they have agreed to RD each park 1 time this trip with the knowledge that they can sleep in and join us later (missing the morning attractions) if they just aren’t feeling it in the morning that day. Win-win for us (at least in theory).


Seems like everyone is more or less on the same page. I plan to rope drop everyday but sometimes my wife likes to sleep in a bit. I usually start my FP at 9:30. This gives you time if you would like to sleep in. If you get there for RD you can always get in a few rides stand by before the crowds start to build.


I agree about the morning FPP - on days with EMH I tried to do 9, 10, 11 - if a 9am opening, I would try for 10, 11, 12.
One thing for me however is that I almost always plan a rest in the afternoon, leaving the park between 1 - 1:30 & back in the parks around 5. I have always been able to grab a same day FPP or two for either after my last one in the AM or during the evening
If I wasn’t going back to the hotel, I would have things with low waits in the afternoon, tiki room, country bears, Hall of Pres, things where you won’t be hitting bad lines & a bit of a rest also.

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