Scentsy scents

Howdy all, I’m looking to purchase some Scentsy products and I think I remember someone saying that there are scents that remind them of certain resorts at WDW, any recommendations

I know I’ve seen some room fresheners and candles talked about before, but haven’t seen anything specific to scentsy. Will be interesting to find out. We go back and forth between only a few them. Most of them have a strong perfumey background that sets my asthma off so I have to be careful.

I’m not sure what brand it was but I remember people talking about a candle that smelt like Beach Club a while ago… I’d love to know what it was & where to purchase it as BC is my families DVC home resort, I think DM would love it for her bday!

I get my Disney scents from this Etsy shop. I love them! I prefer her candles over her wax melts. Since they’re soy based, it’s a little harder to clean the used wax out of my scentsy. Her candles have a long burn time and there is fragrance in every minute. I hate when I buy a big expensive candle and it only has scent in the top third or so. (I’m talking to you, Yankee Candle.)


Thank you!!

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Of course! :slight_smile: Candy Cauldron (smells just like a caramel dipped apple) and the Tangled scents (closest description I can think of is sunshine) are some of my favorites that I’ve tried.

I just got an order of her candles in today! I’m currently enjoying my Soarin candle as I type! Amazing! Which ones are your favorite?

Is the Soarin one great??? I’ve been wanting to try it. But Why Is The Rum Gone is really great for summer…it smells like the beach to me. I really love the Candy Cauldron scent. The two scents of caramel and apple are very distinct.

Yes the Soarin candle is amazing! And the WL candle too! I want to try those you mentioned too…they sound great!