Scentsy Fragrances That Smell Like Disney

Any recommendations of any Scentsy Scents that reminds you of a certain place or thing at Disney?


this company does very good with scents from WDW


Yes to Magic Candle Company. Great scents.

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I have ordered from Magic Candle Company and have enjoyed

Haunted / Churro / Forrest (E.T. at Universal)

I hated Splash. It smelled like every cleaning chemical mixed together in a bucket.

Totally weird, BUT! Once upon a time, I worked at the Wonders of Life pavilion during the F&WF. That was 10 years ago. The other day, I picked up some new deodorant at Target on a whim, and when I got it home and opened it, it smelled EXACTLY like WoL! It’s the Love Beauty & Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine scent. I was immediately transported back to my college program days in the Festival Center and it was oh so magical.


i haven’t found any Scentsys, but I agree with the Magic Candle Company being great! They sell wax melts, candles and oils for diffusers! Also, the Crystal Waters candle from bath and body works smells like Flight of Passage :slight_smile:

Does the ET one smell like you’re flying on the ride?

It’s the scent they do in the queue forest area around Botanicus.


(It’s pine scent with a hint of something I can’t identify)

Churro was my favorite of them all - (cinnamon sugar). ET Forest was my #2.

Thanks for that! I see many places that sell the ET candle scents, but they’re so expensive! I was looking on that website, and was thinking of giving it a chance.

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Yeah… I got a 4 pack on sale for $20. It isn’t something I would do often. I’d probably put it on my Birthday / Christmas wish list hoping someone else will get them for me!