Scary Rides

I did some searching, and I see a lot of discussion about physically-intense rides, but what about rides where the theme is a bit scary?
For reference, my kids will ride any coaster, simulator, or spinning ride, any time. But ToT was too “scary” for them (ok - 4 years ago - but they still talk about it). The drop was fine/fun, but the theme was not good for them. Maybe I should’ve warned them about it!

We just tried watching Jurassic Park with them, this past weekend, and didn’t get past the T-rex encounters. Once the computer guy died, they were OUT.

So, what rides do I have to prepare them for, or skip entirely?


Probably the Mummy. Maybe Gringotts? Presumably Jurassic Park River Adventure.

Skull Island: Reign of Kong is very intense. Kong battles T-Rexs and, literally, rips one’s head apart. (just to name one example)

JP River Adventure - Loud Sirens / Giant T-Rex & Raptor robots

Mummy - Indoor & dark coaster… (Comparison = Space Mt., but w/ fire!)


Can you compare Jurassic Park to Dino, in AK? They had no issue with that!

Mummy is definitely the one I’m most concerned about. I think they’ll muscle thru Gringotts. DD9 has only seen the first 4 movies, but we’ve read all of the books.

Think - Splash Mountain where the animatronics try to eat you


I agree with the Mummy and Kong as the scariest.

Transformers is intense and loud and the Raptor Encounter can be scary to some.

My 6 year old shut her eyes and cried during 99% of Gringott’s. I felt like mother of the year.
Granted, it was also her FIRST ride at Universal EVER but it’s a bit intense and has Voldemort and Bellatrix and Nagini (the snake) and that was what scared her. They scare her in the HP movies too. My 8 year old was like “yeah!!! Let’s ride again!”

6 year old was fine with Kong, actually. I think as long as your kids are on the inside part of the bench of Kong, it wouldn’t be too bad. The screens are on the sides.

My 6 & 8 year olds thought Jurassic Park River Adventure was a bit frightening near the end, but honestly the TRex pops his head out and then like 2 seconds later you’re going down the hill to the big splash.


Not sure how old your kids are, but as part of a UOR trip report a few years back (ugh, five years ago), I wrote up the following re. our then 7-year old girl/boy twins. Alas, some of today’s headliners werent around yet. Note my comments comparing Dino and Jurassic Park. FWIW.

Scare factor for 7-year olds/ 2nd graders. As background, at WDW as almost 6-year olds, my kids enjoyed everything from Space Mountain to Soarin’ to Splash Mountain, although the Haunted Mansion and Dinosaur spooked them a little. See below for UO. Keep in mind, we didn’t do anything with height limits over 48”.

• DS7 loved Gringotts and Forbidden Journey . He closed his eyes most of the way his first time on Forbidden Journey, but it ended up his favorite ride and he did it 3 times. DD7 rode Gringotts, didn’t like it, and skipped FJ. One disadvantage to starting in Diagon Alley was there was no slow build to Gringotts.
• They loved loved loved the smaller roller coasters like Hippogriff and Woody Woodpecker . And can now say they have ridden roller coasters by themselves.
• Enjoyed Spider-Man and Transformers . DD7 was a little wary, but ultimately wanted to do Spider-Man again. I think it took some time for them to get used to the 3-D screen motion rides.
• Anticipation for Jurassic Park River Adventure was worse that it’s bite. DS7 kept closing his eyes worried that something would jump out at him like in Animal Kingdom’s Dinosaur. Which afterward we all agreed it was tamer than Dinosaur. They loved the plunge.
• DS7 liked the Horror Make Up Show . DD7 eventually put her head in Mommy’s lap. DO NOT allow little ones to sit in first couple rows. Thanks to TP, I was able to dodge the cast member who was telling us to sit in the first row (what could she have been thinking?).
• They loved Men in Black Alien Attack and were not scared in the least. As noted, we did it 3 times in a row.
• A little nervous going into Skull Island King Kong , but happy they did it.
• They were critically aware that the Raptor Encounter was just a puppet, and got to see it interact with others first, so that went well.
• We did not do the Mummy . I figured that would be pushing it.
• We skipped Terminator for time and interest reasons.


You may want to blur so as not to spoil for anyone else–but why?

I don’t think I’ll ruin anything by saying things get splattered into the crowd, and there is interaction with the audience members in those first couple rows. At least there was then. Is this show still running? That said, it was a fun show.


Yes. I saw it in July. We were front row, there was no splattering and I don’t remember that from any previous visits either. There was a little interaction with a kid on the front row.


Never got to experience :pensive:

I thing this is the Bourne location now.


I’m sad for you… T2 was infinitely better.


What? Bourne is amazing and far superior. T2 was okay but I saw it many times and literally cannot remember anything about it now so it did not leave an impression.


I’m gonna pretend (I haven’t a clue) @Wahoohokie is correct on this one :joy:

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I am always correct, right, whatever you like to say. Always! Just ask my DH!


Oh Oh, let me fix that

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And now I am watching a you tube video of T2 to see why I cannot remember it, and to see how it compares to Bourne.

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So I watched, and still stand by my (correct) opinion. I did recognize it once it started. It’s done well, but Bourne is just so much more for me.


Never saw T2 but Bourne is incredible. Whole family enjoyed and we will see it again next trip.