Scale back an on-site reservation (leading?) and keep fast passes?

I have an on-site reservation October 30-November 9th. Planning to make FPP on August 31st for November 3rd-November 8th and then scale back the hotel to November 3rd- 9th.
Will changing the dates affect my fast passes as long as I still have a hotel for all the days I have fast passes?
Any chance that if I cancel the hotel I won’t lose my fast passes?

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If you cancel altogether, the chances are reasonably high that you will lose the FPs. That is certainly Disney’s intention and generally that has been happening.

If you scale back, then you may lose them. In general so far most people have kept them. However Disney did some “trials” with AP holders which did result in several people reporting they lost all their FPs, so it seems this could be the ultimate intention.

Also be aware that many more people are finding they cannot just drop days from the front of their reservation, and have to cancel and rebook - which then means there has to be availability to do so.

Thanks @Nickysyme Ugh…I get it, if I cancel I lose them. But the possibility of losing them if bc I scale back the dates is really disappointing. Sounds like I’m beat served calling to change the dates rather than just doing it online.
Anyone have personal experience with this??

Just scale back the reservation prior to booking the FPP.

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In all reports I’ve seen except some early annual pass holders, if you maintain an on-site reservation for the day of fastpasses, they won’t be deleted. The few reports I’ve seen lately of cancelled reservations without other on-site reservations result in Disney threatening to cancel via automated email, but leaving them intact. It’s a toss up to risk it.

As someone else noted, you may have problems rebooking the same room for fewer days. You might consider booking it now and having both reservations overlapping until you cancel the first.

I just did this last month and did not lose my FPs by modifying dates. I’m not sure it mattered, but I waited until all dates were within 60 days. I had a room only reservation and modified online. I’m not sure about cancelling altogether, but from what I’ve heard people are losing them.

I also just tested out a leading reservation with a completely separate reservation booked. No gaps in dates. I made all FPs at the opening of the first. Once entire trip was within 60 days I cancelled the leading and did not lose FPs, including the overlap day. These were room only reservations and I’m not an AP.


@MBrigg thanks for sharing you experience. Glad to hear it’s been done!