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Maybe they should take a clean rag to the projection equipment first before building something new. (AHHH! California is being attacked by dust and bugs! )


The 29th is today. Anyone know if Soarin did this today?

Interesting concept for Soarin’. Potentially beneficial for those who get there early, will suck for people who arrive later in the day. Of course will mean long “return ticket” lines at RD, but should help keep the attraction a bit more managable throughout the day.

Think part of the reason why they (rumor) want a third theater is to help out w the congestion.

If people want to wait in line, who says they can’t? I would be very upset if I hopped to Epcot in the evening and wanted to get in standby to ride Soarin’ and was told I can’t. So if you don’t get there early, too bad? Bad move, Disney.

Now, for people like us who go at RD and will make the most of it, I like it. But as an overall guest strategy not so much.

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There was just a report that the SB line will open back up at 7. I think it was just reported on chat.

Yes. But, if an attraction closes at- say 9- and there is couple hour wait, WDW has to pay staff to stay. Maybe part of the reason for this change is to mitigate that. Also, they are probably going for overall all guest satisfaction. This way- as they do w A&E- guests aren’t waiting in line for hours. Downside is some will be turned away. I can see it both ways. (universal does this with their gringots attraction- possibly others- too)

I think this a definately inspired by UOR’s approach to the crazy popularity of Gringott’s. There are only so many ways to stack a line, and the DA “land” has a limit to the number of people who can be in it. The fewer of that number that are standing in line, the more people that can get into the area and buy stuff at the shops and restaurants. Although WDW doesn’t have “land” crowd restrictions, the more people that AREN’T just standing in line, the more that might be in WDW shops and restaurants. I think it’s a great ops move on the part of Disney.

I agree. Not liking the fact that stand by line could be cut off by noon with this plan. What’s next space mountain, 7 dwarves??? It really is becoming if you are not here early you do not get to ride the attractions. The spontaneity of Disney is rapidly disappearing.

Total wait time 24 minutes. They did not scan magicbands originally to get vouchers. Was able to still use FP choices and make additional fast passes. Could have easily grabbed more vouchers earlier.
4:58pm by Dead Men Tell No Tales

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What do you guys think about these paper passes? I am totally confused!!

I really like them! All of the sudden, Soarin in a standby option outside RD.

@Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales What time did you snag your return time tickets? A 24 minute wait is awesome at that time of day. TP predicts a wait at around an hour at that time of day. Any sense of when the last ticket is passed out? Understand this will vary depending on crowd levels.

@Jedilogray Hey, 24 minutes in what could be an hour wait is hard to argue with, no?

I’m all in for anything that’ll result in less wait time for a headliner. Really don’t care about the method: be it RD, FPP, touring late, using a solid TP, getting a return time ticket and likely a combo of the above.


Would be cool if Soarin somehow got the Star Tours treatment where there are different versions and its random in which one you get. So could be different states, countries, or places within a state.

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I picked up 4 vouchers on the way out of Soarin after using FP+ at 2:04 pm with a 4:15 to 5:15 return time. When I went back to use them at 4:23 all the vouchers were gone for the day. They opened up the standby line at 7:00pm for everyone.

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Soarin’ already suffers from a situation where popularity excedes capacity. Having multiple films, shown randomly, would only increase the popularity (people wanting to do repeat rides to see different versions). You would also have the issue of people waiting a second time and having an “America again, I wanted to see the Europe film” experience. If they build a third (4th?) theater, and had a different film playing in each, it would be like going to a cineplex; you could choose which film you wanted to see. I could see an airport-like entry area with signs for “Departures for America”, “Departures for Europe”, “Departures for Aisia”, etc.

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Thanks! Getting vouchers at 2pm-ish isn’t bad at all. At least, Soarin may still be an option for park hoping to Epcot in the early afternoon even as FPP seems to be gone by that time on crowded days. Almost ‘feels’ like a legacy FP