Say it isn't so - Haunted Mansion closed indefinitely!

I heard that the Haunted Mansion was down earlier today, but wouldn’t have guessed it was this bad. I hope it’s back up and running in time for our trip on the 16th.

The article I read said maybe it would be closed for 3 days. That was according to GET.

Just long enough to miss it entirely. We got an anytime fp today and I was hoping to pick up hm on our second mk day, but that is day 3. Sigh.

Wow, how often does this kind of thing happen? Down for days seems crazy. I wish some former CM could tell us exactly what breaks and how it is fixed on some of these rides. I guess mostly mechanical parts that need repairs… they likely have spares for everything and just swap them out.

“Indefinitely” is pretty inflammatory. They’re working on getting it back up and running. Indefinitely implies closed and may never reopen.


I’ve read a couple of articles and they have all said “a few days”. I guessing that it’s a “routine” breakdown that’s going to take a few days to repair. Remember, the ride system is almost 50 years old…

My friends son used to work there in his DCP days but I’m going to ask him his thoughts!

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It’s possibly my fault HM went down (cursed). I had 6 FPs today (3 CLFP) and 4 out of the 6 rides broke down when our window opened. This does not include the monorail that also was down for our return trip from Epcot.


As a family who can feel cursed with this stuff (although usually we are just rain makers), and as a family who invested in CLFPs for our upcoming trip, I’m interested in how this was remedied for you?

Ouch, that’s a lot of bad luck. We did CLFPs last week and FOP went down. Got an anytime FP… ended up allowing us to do more that day so it worked out. Four anytimes though… probably have to talk to them to extend it another day.

We had several of our FP rides go down during our trip in January. We were given anytime FP generally for similar categories each time. (MK anything in park, AK anything not Tier 1, etc.). At the time RnRC was still Tier 1 but it was an option we were able to take after IJ show got cancelled (audience member with medical issue). That was a great trade off! (Just went to a later show SB.)

On another forum, some people who were on it when it broke down posted. The vehicles did not turn around to go down the hill to the graveyard backwards. There was a grinding, clunking noise and it stopped. They had to brace themselves up until they were evacuated (so really Disney is VERY lucky no one fell out of the buggies!!)!!!
As they were evacuating, they heard one of the cast members say something about a Woody hat in the chain/mechanism.

So it was not a routine breakdown if the vehicles did not turn as they are supposed to. I have never heard of that happening!

We received anytime fastpasses for the 4 FPs we couldn’t use which included MK and Epcot. We used the MK ones later in the day and asked to have the Epcot ones moved to the next day. The 1st CM we asked to move the anytime FPs said they can’t do it but we just moved on to the next person who happily moved them.

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we had a number of anytime FP’s on my last trip… to the point we didn’t even use them all :astonished: … I had finally got a good FP+ for Peter Pan … and then it went down - all day; opened right as we were leaving the park :scream: