Savi's Workshop questions and advice request. How much time should I budget for a lightsaber build on my touring plan?

Hello everyone. I have signed up to build a custom lightsaber at Savi’s in very late May of this year. I am trying to make a touring plan and I am curious how long this experience takes from the time you check in for your reservation to the time you walk out with your finished saber. I have read that the actual build experience takes about 20 minutes. I have also read that you should show up about 10-15 minutes prior to your reservation time. After I check in, how long will I have to wait in line before I get in and start the build? From the time I check in to the time I walk out, how long will it take and how much time should I budget for my touring plan? Thank you!

From what I have read, we are estimating 40 minutes for the wait in line and the build. My DH is doing this on Feb 26, so I can advise on his experience after that.

I looked back at photos and reciept and put together a timeline of our 5:45pm appointment last Friday Jan 10 at Batuu east…

5:35pm Checked in and was asked to wait towards left near the blue speeder
5:44pm Paid. Given pin and group card. Was asked to move to area towards right, but not inside holding area
6:00pm-ish Moved into holding area just outside door
6:19pm Entered workshop
6:28pm Completed building hilt
6:31pm Sabers lit
6:34pm Exited

Wait for us was 34 minutes from appt time, 44min from when we arrived.
Total time in workshop was 15 minutes.

Worth every penny and worth the wait, but looking at this timeline, it was a shorter experience than I remembered!

Hope this helps with your planning!


@matt3846 Thank you! That is very helpful. I think I will budget an hour. I am trying to do the build just before sunset so I can get some good after dark pictures with the saber. I really appreciate the help.


For us on Dec 22, it was very close to the above timeline, we were back out in about 45-50 minutes. It was a pretty busy day.

On a side note, at least from my experience they won’t throw your reservation out for being 15 minutes late :grin:

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