Savi's Workshop Late Reservations?

So I was given a surprise birthday gift of a trip to WDW at the end of May. I’m beyond thrilled with the chance, especially since I’ve not been since I was a kid twenty years ago. Not exactly a chance I get too often!

With that said, I’d love to be able to get in for making a lightsaber, since I doubt I’ll be visiting WDW again any time soon, yet obviously all the reservations are booked for Savi’s as of this time.

Has anyone had any luck with reservations popping up randomly as they check through the days? Am I wasting my time refreshing every few minutes in hopes of seeing it pop up? What about walk ons during the day? Has there been any luck with that? I’d love to get the chance, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up at this point.

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Yep there have been reports on WDW Lines Chat of Savi openings popping up periodically. Keep checking.

Curious if you ever found a reservation? We booked late for first week in August and it’s booked solid. (Sure would be nice if the reservation finder could help here? Although i admit that i haven’t used that feature myself yet, so I don’t know much about how it works yet)

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Sorry for a late reply, but glad it’s before your trip!

So I did end up getting reservations! The last chance for people to cancel before they have to pay is the day before, which is exactly when I got my reservations. My suggestion is to just keep checking every day, and the day before check constantly! Hopefully you’ll have some good luck.

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