Savi's Workshop in TP

Ok, so I have a reservation for Savi’s, for my kids.
I see that we can put it into our personalized touring plans. BUT, when I do, it said we’ll have to wait in line for 75 minutes. I assume (oh please let this be true!) that with a reservation we will NOT be waiting that long.
I know I could just make it a break or something, but is there a better way to handle this?

I put it as Oga’s Cantina as an ADR because it is in SWGE and just listed the duration as 20 minutes

Break is the best way. And no, you won’t be waiting 75 minutes unless you show up over 75 minutes early.

But a break doesn’t put you in the right location.

How so? A break can be anywhere. Just don’t say you’re leaving the park.

I was using Ronto’s Roasters, since it’s in approximately the right place. Helps when using optimize because then it accounts for the walking time. I’ll go back to that, I guess.

A break doesn’t give the right walking times because it doesn’t know where you are in the park. But it’s easy enough to add your own walking time to the break.

Yeah, I know. But then 2 things. 1) your tp should never be so tight that a walking time becomes crucial and must be dead accurate because 2) crowds and other obstacles can and will slow you down. This has happened to me many a time.

And secret #3: the tp walk times aren’t always accurate anyway.

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Well no. We always use very relaxed and walking time is probably double what it actually takes us, but it allows for snack breaks etc.