Savi's Workshop, availability question

Revisiting this topic: I will be in Disneyland with my nephew and his fiance Tuesday, April 30th. I’ve read about and debated the build a lightsaber experience at Savi’s. Each time I’ve gone to look/book, there seems to be plenty of availability. Which brings me caution. What appeals to me is the experience, not a $200 light saber. Does a lot of availability point to there won’t be many others participating? availability shows for: 12:25, 12:45, 12:50, 1:10, 1:25, 1:30, etc…


The friends I’ve heard who’ve done this reported most spots were filled when they did it but that was also in the beginning when everyone wanted in. @daw623 I believe has done it recently. I was just reading this article about it.

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My husband and I did it during the opening of Galaxy’s Edge in 2019. Our time slot was full, but don’t know how many are doing it now. It’s a wonderful experience! But it’s not an experience that many people do more than once because of the cost. I’d love to see it again, but don’t want or need another lightsaber.