Saving Touring Plans as file on desktop

Is there a way to save our Touring Plans on our desktop as a file ? This would be very practical.


If you are viewing your printable touring plan (the one you share), you should be able to “Save as…” the page as Web Page (complete). This will create an HTML file you can save on your computer. Later, you can open it up in a browser. However, what I’m not sure of is if the map image will show up unless you have internet access. (I’m not in a position to test it at the moment.)

I did test saving it from my Firefox browser on my desktop, and then opening it up in Chrome.

I save mine as .pdf files from the print screen.

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I don’t have that option in Firefox nor Chrome. What browser are you using?

I use Firefox on my Mac. Actually do it from the print window, tell it to print then have drop down to save as at the bottom of that window.

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Oh! Duh. I completely forgot about that. I’ve even done it before. :crazy_face: