Saving pictures from memory maker

I searched for an answer to this and could not find anything recent on the forum…how do I save my memory maker pictures to my computer? Do I really have to download each one individually?

I think so…I haven’t been able to find a different way to do it. =(

Last year I believe I was able to download sections of them as zip files, but this year I don’t see that option. I don’t see an option to download them all at once, either. :confused:

Havent done MM ina few yrs, bc disney cut down on photographers, photo guy confirmed, but I was able to select all and then move the files to a flash drive.

I can’t find an option to select all of them this year

:pensive:, so sometimes u can hold control and click/ scroll, to select all? First u want to have everything on one page, then hold down control then put ur mouse at the up left hand corner and pull it down to have the box making encompass all the pics, then right click n copy (and paste). I dont know if this will work. Its just a thing ive used in the non-disney world​:sweat:. I hope this works, i know the pain of trying to transfer pics 1 by 1!

I was able to download them all at once (in several zip files) in March and June of this year, so unless something has changed in the past two months, there is a way. I don’t have anything in there to look now. I am pretty sure it is a checkbox in the upper right corner of the gallery page - I think maybe you have to click on and at least one photo to get that to appear. There’s a way.

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I recently just selected the group I wanted to download by clicking on each picture and then clicking “download” and the group downloaded into a folder - no zipping necessary.

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Hover over the image in the gallery and you should see a checkmark in the top right corner. click the checkmark to turn it green. you can click as many images as you want and then click download at the top. I find it helpful to download by day or by park to get things organized.


This works! I’m working on it now, and the computer is putting the selected photos into a zip file. I’m downloading the pics for each individual day as a separate zip file…

Glad it’s working! One thing I did notice on mine was the fact that the ride videos and animated magic shots ended up separate from the zip folder. Just keep an eye out for that if you are downloading any of those.