Savi’s workshop. Build your own lightsabre question

My son will be building a lightsaber in the afternoon of the day we are doing the After Hours event… How much of a pain is this going to be to carry it around everywhere? We plan on doing most of the rides, but not sure what we will be able to do with the lightsaber. Is there some king of carrying case or anything like that? Also does anyone know if he will be able to turn it on and stuff while we are in Galaxy’s Edge, especially if there are Stormtroopers around? Just want to set expectations early so he isn’t disappointed if he cannot use it…. If anyone has pictures to show sizes that would be awesome!

It comes in a padded case - just make sure the toggled end is tightened and it’s the top end when he’s wearing it.

I’ll have to wait until DS is up to post a picture.

We took it on Smuggler’s Run, MMRR, TSMM and Aliens. And we had a helmet too. :joy: I imagine Slinky and RnR would be the rides where it could be a problem.

They had photo spots set up in GE. It’s fine to have them out but we found when characters appeared if got very crowded around them. He could stand off against a stormtrooper though and I’m sure they’d interact.

Thank you so much!! Appreciate the response!