Save for (and on) your Disney vacation with iBotta!

I have just started using the iBotta app to get rebates on everyday purchases, and I think that it is a good way to save up some money for a Disney vacation. It has a pretty straightforward process:

  • Use to app to find relevant rebates and select them
  • Submit your receipt showing proof of purchase through the app
  • After your submission is processed real cash is credited to your iBotta account which can be transferred to a PayPal account or used to purchase gift cards (unfortunately not Disney, but the ever-popular Target is on the list)

Most of the major grocery stores, pharmacies, and retailers participate, making it easy to take advantage of the rebates. There are also bonus earning opportunities to further ratchet up the savings. Additionally, a lot of e-tailers participate (like Amazon), where iBotta takes you directly to their app/website and automatically receives a notification of your qualifying purchases, so you do not have to submit a receipt at all.

To top it off, it is not just a good way to save for your vacation, you can save on your vacation as well. Current useful rebate offers include:

  • 4% cash back
  • cheapOair: $5 cash back
  • 4% cash back
  • Uber: $1 cash back per ride (plus a $5 bonus ride code after 3 rides this month)

Interested? Use this link to sign up and get a $10 welcome bonus after your first successful rebate.


Thanks @brklinck! I am bookmarking this thread to look at it closer over the weekend.

Yeah! Another ibotta user- love that app! I got $350 last year and already 300 this year. I referred my hubby and daughter so we get teamwork bonuses too. Drives hubby crazy but daughter likes it for Xmas money. Also love checkout 51 and alot of times the two coincide so you get rebates from both- say you have hand soap rebate thru ibotta and you check checkout 51 and they have the same item then use it for both apps. Double the money!