Saturday Summer Close MK

If you had to guess what do you think the Magic Kingdom Saturday hours will be for later August???

I would look at historical data and base my guess off that.

Which dates in particular?

August 19 …

Considering doing Sunday but if they will be open much later on Saturday I would take advantage.

So last year 8/19 was a Friday. To compare this year to last I would look at 8/20, a Saturday, and 8/21, a Sunday:

On Saturday 8/20 MK hours were 0800-midnight:

On Sunday 8/21 MK hours were 0900-11pm:

No guarantee of what they will do this year, but if I were to guess I would base my guesses on that. Not a huge difference in hours, but one hour extra in the morning and one hour extra at night might make the difference you’re looking for.

Just for giggles I looked back at 2015, too:
The Saturday (in this case the 22nd) hours were 0900-midnight, with evening EMH til 2am!

And the Sunday hours were 0900-11pm, the same as 2016:

These are super helpful. Thank you so much. My girls are a bit older and we live doing the parks late. I would love the 2am close.

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2am closures are now usually on a Wednesday following change in EMH schedule a couple of years ago. You should do it if you get the chance - it’s brillint