Saturday EPCOT crowds more than expected during Food and Wine

Hey Touring Plans, I think your crowd estimator may be a little off, especially in EPCOT. We were there on Saturday Aug 29 during Food and Wine festival and your crowd estimator said “1”. I would say it was closer to a “5” especially considering the wait times on test track all day were 40-60 minutes.

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According to TP, Test Track was down 41% of the day. Maybe that inflated the wait times?

Other wait times were not bad, but even so, the crowd level should have registered at 2 or 3.

EP weekend numbers were 4 on Sat, 5 on Sun, and 4 on Monday. Definitely higher than predicted. But this was WDW’s first holiday weekend during a pandemic, possibly a bit tougher to predict the response.

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