Saturday, April 10

I hope they announce resuming AP sales


At the very least I am hoping for specific details on the plans involving all the CMs that have been called back recently.


Whatever the announcement I doubt that “newFP” will come online as of April 10th for the general public to use. More likely it’ll open up the FP booking system again.

If they do announce the demise of FP+ and the arrival of newFP it’s more likely that stuff like DAS, Club 33 and Rider Switch would start using it first. And hence those “Alternative Access Entrance” signs that have been appearing in places.


And some more entertainment news too.

We know FotLK is coming back, in a modified form. Maybe they’ll announce a couple more shows to return too.


The six foot social distancing for lines will have to be reduced to 3 feet or go away since some of the closed show sites are being used as extended line space.

We are all probably getting worked up over nothing. Most likely they will be announcing how Disney+ will be coming to the parks in 2023.




Waiting anxiously for FP news that might impact May Trip


I’m going to need a shirt like this, as this seems to be the only people mover action I’ll be getting this month…


Me too, I don’t know whether I would welcome it or not. I dread standing in the long lines that have been reported lately, but I am afraid if they bring back FP, they will increase crowd capacity at the same time.


I just need to know so I can plan and adjust expectations! I am ok at rolling with the punches as long as I can navigate them.
I’m so ready for this trip that even if we get to ride one ride a day I truly think I’d be happy just to be there. I know my kids would be happy going to TSL and then eating Mickey bars the rest of the time.
But I just need to know about FP.:grimacing:


I’m gonna be reviewing my touring plans again with the idea of which FPs I would want. There go my next few evenings…


You’re looking at it all wrong. It’s not “there go my next few evenings.” It’s “Woot! I have more planning I get to do!”


I used to feel that way. But after having re-planned (and re-booked) my trip about 8 times over the last year, I’m “done” with the planning and ready to just be there.


As if you weren’t toying with them one way or another anyway.

We are Liners too. We know how this goes.


Anyone else a little nervous that regardless of the announcement, you won’t have much time to react? I think I would feel better if I was within my 60 day window- past experience has told me that if you are within that window since everyone will be booking for trips throughout the window, you would have a pretty good chance of getting what you want.

I will be at day 73. Would I change my arrival EP day to AK? I seriously doubt FoP would be available?

I hope if FP is back the Dibbs site works again too.


Rumor is that MaxPass is not coming back to DLR.


This makes me sad b/c I thought everyone got the same chance w/ MP unlike FP


It is interesting you bring up the 3 feet. I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed outdoor lines to 3 feet. They are increasing my child’s elementary classroom size at the end of April. They are combining 2 14 kid class with 6 feet (for 2 1/2 hours) between to 1 28 kid class with 3 feet (6 hour instruction).

If they can do this for kids who can’t get the vaccine being taught inside, I can’t see why they wouldn’t do the same for DW. And I’m in CA where the regulations have been strict!

Selfishly I hope they increase park capacity so my sister can come with us on one of the sold out days and add in entertainment or more character interaction. I know this will happen eventually but hoping for early June!!!


The FP indicator now switches ‘on’ on April 11 and stays on every day after that.


Dang…now I’m thinking about this and kind of wondering. What it means for those of us who have leads by reservations for dining (see other thread). If we make FP and then cancel the leading reservation, even if within the 60 day window and even with another on-site reservation booked, will we lose the FP? I might have to decide which I want more.

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