What have you gotten there for dinner that is good? Do they also have any dinners that aren’t too exotic for somewhat picky 12 year olds? He does like chicken and beef, but kind of iffy on a lot of veggies or sauces. Could I get him takeout from another counter serve and eat in the air conditioned Satu’li area if the rest of us order from there?

Chicken bowl with brown rice and the green sauce. chimichurri?

fantastic. Got it that way both times

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Everything I’ve had there is yummy.
My favorite is probably the chicken and beef with potato hash and creamy herb. But I also really liked the chicken with black beans and rice and black bean vinaigrette. And the noodles are good. It’s all tasty.

Don’t forget the slush drink with little beads in it. They will love them. Can’t remember the name. Darn!

Boba balls!

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What flavor are the Boba balls? I love those on frozen yogurt! Is the creamy herb a salad dressing or a sauce that it is cooked in?

They are kind of fruity sweet-tart.

Creamy herb is the sauce it’s cooked in/is added to your bowl

Whew! For a second there I thought you were saying there was a drink with creamy herb boba balls.



Don’t they still have the burger pods on the kids menu? Apparently they taste like mcdonald’s cheeseburgers.

They desserts are pretty cool looking too - and pretty yummy for a QS dessert.

Just double checked with DS14. He loves the cheeseburger dumpling things, and confirms that they tase like McDonalds. I have had many of the bowl combinations and loved them all.

Got to try those burger pods next time. They look interesting but then again what didn’t. As I was not a avatar it is kind of risky but I would give them a go.

I had a chicken bowl and it was delicious. My boyfriend enjoyed the burger pods :roll_eyes: :laughing:

Sounds yummy! I can’t wait to try Satu’li!

I loved the chili-shrimp bowl with red & sweet potato hash.


I see the burger pods on now only on the kids menu. I would like to try one but I also want to get a bowl. Does anyone know if it is possible to order just a pod without getting the whole kids meal?