Satu'li with allergies

Has anyone been to Satu’li with peanut/tree nut allergies? My allergy isn’t severe. I can eat things processed in a plant with nuts, but not things that say may contain nuts. It seems as if the only options for nut allergies for a base are brown rice with beans (can’t eat brown rice) or potato hash. I was hoping for the lo mein noodles or possibly salad base. Has anyone asked if those two options are safe for nut allergies?

All the bases are listed as safe for peanut/tree but allergies. There is no noodle base.

It was added towards the end of last year. I had it a few weeks ago, it was nice. No idea whether it’s safe for nut allergy sufferers though. :slight_smile:

Interesting. It is not listed on the menus on here which sat they were accuracy checked on Jan 11, 2019.

This was in May, so I guess they haven’t updated the menu since then.

We ate at Satu’li last summer (pre-menu change) with PN/TN allergies. We talked to a chef since I wanted to be sure the rice was just normal white rice for my daughter. It is one of our favorites, so I hope to eat there again!

That was the “allergy” rice, not the one on the menu normally. Have you found a recent allergy menu online?

I found a fairly recently allergy menu, but it doesn’t list the ingredients. A lot of places count coconut as nut allergy, which isn’t a problem for us. I can also eat most kinds of nuts, just not peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts. But my kids can’t eat any types at all. I will order in person and ask to see the ingredient info. Thanks!

Truth is, no matter what our experiences were here, one always has to check in the location anyway - we’ve had plenty of experience with info given to us before arriving at a location being old or just plain wrong. Even at Disney, which is 10x better than any other place.

(Just happened with a local restaurant: DS going to a year-end dinner for school fencing club, I walked in and asked about all nuts in very specific terms. Guy told me they don’t use ANY nuts multiple times. My wife calls to ask another question, different guy tells her about a salad and some sushi and soup that have nuts in them.)

Anyway, FWIW: When we went to Satuli, even though they were handing out menus at the front door to help speed things along, we had to get the allergy menu right at the cashier. They told us people kept stealing them! Crazy.

Food was great, no real issues at that time (our kids are allergic to all nuts.) If OK for you, I highly suggest you get at least one of the hot dog in a croissanty things, at least to share. We loved all of the food, but that was the biggest hit by far. We went back a second time that day just to get more! :slight_smile: