Satu'li questions

I am interested in trying Satu’li, but am trying to figure out the menu. When I look at photos of the food, I don’t see sauces. Is that something that the meat and/or potatoes is cooked in and kind of absorbs? Or is it poured on top? Is it a strong flavored sauce? Just trying to see if my kids might be willing to eat there. What have you gotten there that you enjoyed?

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The sauce is on top, but you can ask for it on the side. I usually go with the black bean vinaigrette which has a pretty strong, Asian flavor. DD, who turned 5 not long ago, has absolutely loved Satu’li ever since they opened. She tends to go for the beef bowl, but she also likes the chicken. The fish was also good, but that’s now been replaced with shrimp. DD tried those last time (a couple of weeks ago) and said they were good but not her favorite, and she’d order the beef again next time. :slight_smile:

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I have enjoyed multiple combinations of meat and bases at Satu’li as well as several sauces. I ask for sauce on the side too. I think all the sauces are good, but they tend to put too much on in my opinion.

In my opinion and this is from my experience (and my DD19’s) on May 5, 2019, Satu’li Canteen was the WORST QS food we ate on the trip. My DD’s bowl with rice, beans, beef, etc… was dry and tasteless. It didn’t look very appetizing either. Also the sauces (which we ordered on the side) were cold, not warm. I luckily ordered off the menu and had the cheeseburger pods that used to be on the menu. I ordered the adult size which had two pods. They were unusual and tasty but needed more meat/cheese filling and less “breading.” The accompanying chips were good. The dining hall’s size swallowed up any character that designers tried to create. We later wished me had grabbed a comfortable seat at the Nomad Lounge and had a drink and appetizers.

If you still go, order these burger pods…

I was there on May 8 and had great meal. My friend and I shared the chicken and beef with the noodles and black bean vinegarette on the side. I am very glad that the sauce was on the side. The flavor is good, but very strong. Too much sauce would have made our food inedible. We also wanted to try the cheese burger pods, so we ordered the kids meal and shared that as well!. It was the perfect amount and we were both happy with the food.

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Satu’li is one of our favorites. DD would probably put herself up for adoption if we skipped it one trip! :rofl:

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We loved our food there on our recent trip May 2-16 it was really fresh and a nice change to the mostly fried food we had been eating at QS. We got the chicken and beef with a salad base and the green sauce and I would say it’s easyish to pick out anything you dont like as it starts separated out. Agree with everyone on sauce on the side as then you add to your taste. The dessert was also really nice and so pretty enjoyed several night blossoms too. I am now sad however that forgot to order a cheeseburger pod lol.