Saratoga Srprings

We had to get a one bedroom and the couch is a pull out. I remember from 4 years ago that the pullout mattress was so thin you could feel the bed rods though it. Does anyone know if they have improved the pullout. Thank you.

They have been completing a renovation and they now have pull-down beds in those rooms. When is your trip?

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In June. Does that apply to the one bedroom also or just the studio. Thank you for the reply

It looks like target completion is this summer, and only two sections were not completed as of December 2020. Read through this article. I would request a room in one of the completed sections just to be safe. Good luck!

ETA: This more recent article (February) includes a list of which villas are still pending refurb and the order it will be completed:

  • Grandstand 9501-9836
  • Grandstand 9101-9436
  • Grandstand 8501-8836
  • Grandstand 8101-8436
  • Carousel 7101-7436
  • Carousel 7501-7836
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Thank you so much!!!

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I have a question for using Instacart at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. What do you put in as the address for delivery? The Instacart site want to put in a different zip code than the Disney site provides Should I go with Amazon Now Garden grocer doesn’t have the products I want

Can you see the address garden grocer uses?

GardenGrocer uses the officially posted address from the Disney Resort site I wonder if others have had issues with Instacart delivery

I have received a delivery at SSR from Garden Grocer in the past. If that works for GG, why won’t it work for Instacart?

I have used GardenGrocer many times in the past at several different resorts. This is my quandary, why is Instacart telling me that the address does not exist for that zip code. I don’t want to place an order and then have the shopper say they can’t find the address Seems stupid that someone from that area wouldn’t know where Disney resorts are

I would wager a lot that the drivers know where each of the resorts are, regardless of the address. They are making a living from this! We used Instacart for our delivery in December to BWV, and had similar problem with the zip code. Driver had no issues finding us. :slight_smile: