Saratoga Springs Transportation

We are doing another short (3) day WDW trip with my brother family Feb 18 -20th.
We ended up booking (2) One-bedroom villas at SS due both availability and price.

But now that I am researching it i am worried about transportation.
It appears the bus route to animal kingdom could take about 50 minutes.
Does anyone have any tips, recommendations on transportation to and from SSR?


I have used Uber/Lyft from SSR in the past. If you use the location finder, they can come right outside your room (usually). I just reverse it for the drop off on return.

That being said, there is an internal bus loop at SSR. Once that loop is complete the bus leaves and goes directly to the park. I cannot think of any bus ride from that point that would be more than 20-25 minutes (at most).


I was there last May. The bus definitely didn’t take that long. Maybe 30 mins at most and that’s just because of the multiple stops at SSR itself.


Grandstand section is usually the first bus stop to drop off after returning from the parks, so if you can request that section, that would be good. Otherwise if you are in a “Preferred” section, The Springs is the last loading stop before heading to the parks, so that cuts off some travel time.


December 2020 we were right beside the bus stop that’s very near the main pool - maybe the Springs?

We got on the bus one morning after 7 am. Maybe 7:02. At 8 am we were in the Pandora area thinking about breakfast since the rest of the group had just gotten off Flight of Passage.

So probably not even 30 min on bus. Because while they were doing FoP I’d had enough time to obtain and drink a hot chocolate while I read my book.


Yep @janamelia, that’s The Springs section by the High Rock Spring (named after the spring in NY state most likely,) feature pool near Carriage House.

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Thanks everyone.