Saratoga Springs Room Recommendations

The fam had a trip all set for the first week in April staying at AKL thrown for a loop this week due to some work scheduling conflicts. We were able to find lodging for later in April but at SSR instead of AKL and booked it.

We are group of 6 with kids 10 and under. Staying in a 2BR standard view. Looking at the lay of the land, it looks like our options are in The Paddock, The Carousel, and The Grandstand. We will have a car and will probably utilize Disney Springs for food rather than the on-site options at SSR.

Anyone have experience that would be helpful for us in requesting a room? Should we ask for Paddock #12 and be close to the Congress Park pool and DS? Or would Paddock #10 be better, close to the Paddock pool and bus stop? Are there benefits to The Carousel or The Grandstand?


Where are you getting those numbers? I just checked and when I stayed in Paddock I stayed in building #65. It was the building closest to the Congress Park bus stop , and there is an entrance to the parking lot right there.

If you have no ECV/Wheelchair concerns.

Hands down. Closest you can get to the Bus stop of either Paddock or Congress Park. Only 1 Bus stop away from leaving for the parks, likely able to SEE the bus stop from your room, and close to Disney Springs

If you have ECV/Wheelchair, you want to get as close to Grandstand as possible so you can ensure you get a spot on the busses. With the crowds as they are, this seems to have been a real concern and I saw recently many people on ECVs have to wait 3-4 busses before there was actual room for them. :frowning:

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Did they change the numbers? My room text from September 2017 has building 65. Touring Plans has that as building #12?

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I guess they did at some point and TP never updated. They were quite confused (but accommodated) when I went and requested “Building 12”. They had no idea what that was.

So yeah, you want to click through until you find your room in the room finder and then point out what number(s) that is in your request.

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From TP room finder area.

This is the building immediately east of the Paddock pool. Looks like rooms start with"56".

Looking at building #12, those rooms start with 65. Those are nearest Congress Park:

So TP is wrong?

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Yes. The Building numbers are irrelevant to them. It’s all about the room number it self.

So if you want building 12, you gotta say “I want room 65## or 65##, or 65##, or as close as possible. Thanks!”

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What you have circled as building 12 is actually building 65.

From my very first DVC stay:

That was a 1 bedroom- great location.


Do you have feelings about the different pools? My kids like the water slides. Is that only at the Paddock pool?

The main pool and Paddock have slides. Paddock has a great slide (and QS).

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Thank you!

Just going to echo everything said already.


We stayed in 2 br units in the 2 buildings at the general areas indicated by the green arrows. First floor at Paddock and 2nd floor in the other one.

Both very close to circled bus stops. Walk to food/shop didn’t seem long from either location.

I think the Paddock stay was 2015. We only asked for this bldg - and got it - because of the pool which turned out to be closed. Somehow missed that info but we had fun at the main pool.
The kid wound up liking the CM led activities.

We liked both locations. Our main priority is usually proximity to bus stops.

Thanks to @brinksan for the use of his map.

eta: we were at the second location - Springs I think - Dec 2020. The walk to our room wound around thru many hallways. No cart for luggage. Lugging the luggage around sure made parking lot view seem like a great idea. Can I recall the room number? Not even a little bit. Subsequent days the walk didn’t seem so long.

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We love the Paddock and being walking distance to the pool. We didn’t use the bus but did use the laundry which was good. The pool and snack bar are great. Theres a slide, jacuzzi and a great assortment of food and drinks.


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