Saratoga Springs - Room Rec?

We have a Preferred Deluxe Studio reserved. The touringplans map shows me that rooms of this type are available in The Springs and in Congress Park. Which would you choose and why? Do you have a favorite room there?

(PS He said yes!)

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Will you be going to Disney Springs? Will you have a car? Congrats on the trip!

Congress Park. So close to DS. We walked over several times over a long weekend stay.

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The trip I imagine is very slow and easy, designed as basically a no-park trip. No car as of now.
Looking to do the after hours event on 2/14 at MK provided there is availability. Otherwise, no plans but would like to spend time at DS for sure and perhaps arrange for DH to enjoy a round of golf (and for me to ride along). Loose working itinerary would look like this:

Tues 2/12 - arrive to SS late, probably near to 11pm after evening flight from the MHT
Wed 2/13 - sleep in, be a bit lazy, maybe a spa treatment early on. Afternoon round of golf (or perhaps swap the two). Nice - but casual, no interest in dressing up all crazy like - dinner in DS
Thurs 2/14, sleep in again, nice big breakfast somewhere, on the later side of life, relax at resort for the afternoon, MK at night for event.
Fri 2/15 - departure day late flight, not sure what to do with the day.

Looking to keep this about us having time to reconnect, not running every which way. Do a little Disney but basically enjoy each other :slight_smile:


I was just looking at some lovely rooms in that area, overlooking the water toward the Springs.

I was really hopeful for one of the DS view rooms but we ended up with a parking lot view. Still ok but I would have opted for a lower level.
The gentleman at check in was so nice and accommodating though. As we were checking in, he saw that a 4th floor room, in the building we wanted at Congress Park was open and ready so we took it. In retrospect, I wish I had asked what the view was. Oh well.

Also, the quiet pool there is lovely and faces DS.

We snagged a last minute deal for this room back in July. I am so happy we got to stay there and would happily stay again.

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I agree, Congress Park. The walk from that area to DS at night is just beautiful. I know you may not go swimming but you could also walk to the Paddock pool from that area.

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Agree with @PrincipalTinker we like The Paddock, I think 6500 or 6800 building, the one across from Congress Park bus stop. If you’re not interested in swimming I would do Congess Park. I see a spa day in your future.

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I suggest giving the Turf Club a try for lunch or dinner. It’s a hidden gem, or used to be. Maybe before the golf.


Congrats on the trip! We stayed in the Springs and would not recommend unless you are wanting to be near both of the big pools. It was a longer walk to DS and I think we were one of if not the last bus stop so shuttles were always really full.

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We love the Turf Club! One of the things that influenced us to buy at SSR.

If you can’t get the waterfront Congress Park buildings, I strongly recommend the 4xxx building in the Springs. There’s a lake view out every window. It’s a two minute walk to the bus stop or the Carriage House and the main pool. Never had an issue with parking (should you need it). Close to everything yet still manages to be quiet. By whatever quirk, I’ve gotten room 4423 six different times, and I’d be happy to have it as my permanent assignment.

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Can you hear the music from DS in the water front rooms in Congress Park?

If the wind is right, one can hear some of the sound from Disney Springs. Certainly not with the sliding glass door closed, though.


Touring Plans room pics - at the bottom of this page, scroll down to see - include a room that is clearly in the Upside Down. I’ve no interest in being in the land of scary monsters, but thank you anyway.[accessibility]=any&filters[balcony]=&filters[floors]=any&filters[lobby_distance]=any&filters[rack_rate]=any&filters[rate_date]=11%2F18%2F2018&filters[sound]=any&filters[transportation_distance]=any&filters[ug]=&filters[view]=417

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You are right. I love Stranger Things but not at Disney!

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