Saratoga Springs Room Location

Have booked a preferred 2 bedroom villa for December 2023 stay. Multigenerational family of 9 (ages 14 months to 73). Given preferred category, will be in the Springs or Congress Park areas. If we stay in Congress Park, how far a walk is it from Lobby/Bell Services? Nervous b/c we’ll have lots of luggage and will be getting grocery delivery. How will we get all of that to our room? If we stay in the Springs, how often are the buses full in the morning, thus requiring a longer wait? We are a large party, but definitely need to stick together… We will not have a car for transportation. Most of us would like to visit Disney Springs on check-in, check-out or both days. Basically looking for any advice on where to request a room. Thanks in advance!

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They will golf cart you and your stuff to your room.

It’s a bit of a hike, but the location is great for Disney Springs access


It’s a decent hike that I wouldn’t want to do loaded down with stuff. Good news though as @OBNurseNH said, they have goft carts to haul you and your stuff to your room and back.

If using the bus as park transportation the Springs stop is last and can be hard to get on a bus at peak times. Congress Park would be my preference.

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