Saratoga Springs questions

We are considering staying at Saratoga Springs in October of this year. It is undergoing a refurbishment that seems to be taking longer then expected.
Has anyone stayed recently or will be staying there in the near future?
I heard the new Murphy beds in the studios are queens, but then also heard they are doubles anyone have first hand experience?
Also we want to be in a refurbished room–anyone know the order of the buildings being worked on?

Check out these links. They may not have all the info you are looking for, but should help.

Splendid New Rooms at Saratoga Springs Resort

Saratoga Springs 2-Year Overhaul Update

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I do not believe the refurbishment is running behind schedule. They have started with the preferred sections. They are completing (I think it is not finished?) the Congress Park area and will move onto the Springs. There are a lot of rooms, and what I have read it will be going on for the next year?

The couch beds are now the pull down beds that come down over the couch. They are queen size beds.


It is running behind, and it isn’t looking likely they will finish next year unless they speed up dramatically.

It started late, and four months in Congress Park still isn’t completed. If it’s going to take 4 months + per area, that’s another 18 months. Granted, the whole new bed saga may have delayed things a bit, but many people were told that Congress Park should have been finished by Christmas.

Not sure why the delays, which was evident long before bed-gate.

To answer OP, the order of refurbishment hasn’t been officially announced. Speculation (including from CMs) they would finish the Preferred category first, but nothing confirmed.

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I was unsure if it was running behind because DVC News announced it as a two year renovation?

Will the studio still sleep 4-or will it sleep 5?

It will sleep 4

Tom Bricker posted a couple of days ago that the materials and construction equipment is now being staged at the Springs so I think that is very likely the next location to be done.

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