Saratoga Springs 7/17-7/24

DH and I are planning a trip just the two of us. We were able to trade our RCI timeshare for a 1 bedroom at SSR 7/17-7/24. I think it’s a standard
, not preferred room. What are the best areas? We will have 4 day hopper passes so will be spending some time at the resort and Disney Springs. We will not have a vehicle. Would like to be somewhat near a bus stop and not terribly far from main area for food. I heard there was a 24 hour adults only pool so if that’s true, being within a 5-10 minute walk of that would be a bonus.

The Paddock is adjacent to the Springs which is nearest to the main area with check-in and food.

I don’t think the adult-only pool exists, sorry. There are quieter pools but children are welcome at any pool on Disney property afaik.

Thanks for the info. I’ll start looking at the room views for The Paddock.

I don’t mind a loud, rambunctious pool. LOL. My kids are older now and I miss the excitement of littles at Disney. I had read somewhere about a 24 hour pool, but figured it was probably not accurate.

The other end of Paddock (closer to Congress Park) is very close to a bus stop, the walk to Disney Spring, and a quiet pool that has less activity than the Main or Paddock pool.

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Some resorts do have quiet pools without lifeguards, which you could use 24 hrs. It isn’t necessarily encouraged and I don’t know if you actually can still do that.

But there’s certainly no adult-only pool.

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We were in the Grandstand area, but it was surprisingly close to the lobby, main pool and food service. It also had the advantage of being the first bus stop. :slight_smile: Two of the Grandstand buildings are very close to the walkway to the main area. Disadvantage is that it’s the farthest from the walking path to DS. I had requested the Paddock but was pretty happy with where we ended up.