Sapphire Falls Water Taxi

Wondering if there’s a separate taxi for each resort or if the taxi stops at each resort along the route (meaning the ones further out would have several stops).

Mostly I’m trying to figure out how efficient it is. It’s been suggested to walk in the am for rope drop but I’m asking now about return to resort midday (we like to hit the pool).

Each has their own boat. It’s great! We stayed at Sapphire Falls once, it is a gorgeous resort. We ate at Amatista Cookhouse and thought it was really good.

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Thank you!
Budget 15 min or so dock to dock?
Likelihood of getting on or having to wait two rounds?
We absolutely want to chill in the afternoons so I’m trying to build plans that get us on the dock by 2pm and don’t return to parks until 6 or so…

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I think if you take a water taxi during a slow time, they can be shared. At least that’s what happened to me when we took one from HRH! We backtracked all the way to Portofino before going to the gate. Total waste of time since it’s such a close walk from HRH. But I would definitely use the water taxi if coming in from the further resorts, even if it has multiples stops.

Sapphire Falls has no other resort stops, since the other 2 resorts that use a water taxi are on the other end of the property. There should be a boat every 10 minutes. They do the security before you get on.

Walking is usually the fastest though since there is some waiting.

edit, check that, I forgot Royal Pacific is nearby but not sure if it stops there.


It’s always been pretty efficient for us, but we usually go at busy times when they are running them frequently. 15 minutes seems like plenty to me.