Sanuk Yoga Sandals

Anyone ever worn these to the World? I CANNOT abide wet feet, and it’s too late for me to order Keens. I can get some Sanuk today if I decide that they will work. Any advice?

I have some, but have never worn them to Disney. I can tell you that they are very comfortable, but also slippery when wet.

I have some and have worn them to Disney but only for a few hours to give my feet a break from my tennis shoes. They are crazy slippery if they get wet so I could see that being a big issue

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They don’t have any arch support—I don’t find them any more comfortable than any average cheapie flip flop.

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Well drat. It doesn’t seem like that will work then. I can’t find any of the recommended ones (Keen, Chacco, Teva) available nearby. Which is strange, since I live in a relatively large city.

Do you have an REI?

Yes, but all of the ones that I like are out of stock.

This may be one of those times when it may be wise to suck it up and wear ugly shoes!

I would if I could, but nothing is even available to be picked up until Friday, two days after I arrive. That’s one drawback of last minute trips.

Can you Amazon Prime some to your resort?

Hmmmmm…that might work.

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I swear by my Croc sandals. They are really supportive and extremely comfortable. I switch out shoes each day rarely wearing the same pair two days in a row.

I love my crocs too - the shoe-y type not the croc-y type (which are for around the house only) - for in park. But they are wicked slippery when wet. Dangerously so.


How about Oofos or FitFlops?

Zappos will also overnight shoes. I’ve had dress shoes shipped to a hotel for a wedding!


I slipped somewhere, don’t think it was at WDW. I try to be careful in them.

Do not buy Chacos. The break in period is terrible. They are great once broken in, but until then watch out. You’ve been warned. No, seriously. Don’t do it.

It took infinite patience from my darling husband and trips to five stores, but I now own the ugliest shoes I’ve ever had. You people had better be right.


I got my Keens from DSW. Just wore them to a water park and was very comfortable, but the tops take a day to dry.

I tried several pairs on, but apparently I have fat toes. They didn’t fit AT ALL. The Tevas were all uncomfortable. I even got to the point of looking for Crocs. CROCS people! This was really a dire situation. I’m not totally sold on the Keens yet, so I’m wearing them at work today. So stylish.

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