Santa exchange?

One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten was all the Disney music you could crave for on 4 CDs by @bswan26 on a secret forum santa. I gave him a tequila flask. :grin:
Would you like to do a not so secret santa exchange?
Contract is binding, if you say you’re in please do participate. We don’t want people not getting a gift at the last minute.

I’ll post a spreadsheet (color coded for the obsessive amongst us) of who gives who a gift.

This is a symbolic, maximum $15usd gift… handmade stuff very welcome! Tequila flasks are not Disney related so feel free to go wild.

Post is lousy in Mexico so we’ve got to cut it off on the 30th of November to give us enough time to get there.

The point is mostly to get to know who you’re giving to I guess, so feel free to ask what they’d like!!

Let me know if you’re in! All are welcome!


Great idea @quicha!!! I’m in!! :smile::santa::smile: