What is a good time for dinner at Sanna? Hoping for window seat to view animals.

Last week our ADR was at 6:35. We said we would wait for a window table, and were told that would be an hour! We said we would take the first available table then. We waited about 15 minutes, then were seated at a window table! We saw lots of animals.

Sigh. I'm sad I had to give up my Sanaa ADR. When I made my reservation I looked up the time for sunset on that day before booking. I know you can ask for night vision goggles at the front desk if you do a late dinner, but we didn't want to mess with that. My date in November was right after the clock change weekend, so sunset was scheduled for 5:30ish. I made the ADR for 5:00 so that we wouldn't be there too late to see the animals.

Views are all day there from what I can tell.. I've had early afternoon drinks at Sanaa and peeked over at the windows and saw animals right there eating (they have a feeding station right by the window)

Pending on time of year you viist you may want to be there during sunlight so you can see..its not very lit out there on the Savannah. Afterwards go out to the viewing areas from the lobby and they have night vision goggles you can put on and check out the animals that way which is super cool too.

Enjoy you meal! AKL - Kidani is awesome.

Definitely check the time of sunset. We also once asked for a window seat, were given a really long wait time, then suddenly got a window seat very quickly. That was like a 5:15 ADR. On our second trip, we did not bother because we were close to 40 minutes late, desperately hungry, and worried that we wouldn't get seated at all - plus it was about to get dark out. Whatever time you end up doing, be sure to arrive early and plan for some time afterwards to hang out on the deck. It has a great vibe, wonderful CMs, and at night you can try the night vision glasses - but frankly those were very boring to me.