Sanford (SFB) or Clearwater (PIE) airport?

Flying Allegiant, there’s much more flexibility if we fly into Clearwater (PIE) instead of Sanford (SFB) airport. Google Map tells me it’ll take 56 minutes to drive from Sanford, 85 minutes from Clearwater.
Can anyone corroborate this? Has anyone flow into PIE and had a good/terrible experience trying to get to WDW? Any other good options besides rental car from Clearwater to WDW?
Thanks all!

I know Clearwater is just south of Tampa and a lot of Canadians fly into Clearwater who winter in the area. My parents are close to there. But most of what I fly does not fly to Clearwater so I fly into Tampa.

Maybe @Niter (sorry to tag ya buddy, but I thought, knowing where you are you can weigh in here maybe) can give you some advice. But he is more of a chat room presence.

Whats the question?

Oh theres the question i flew out of pie once. Airport is small but no problems. Drive is about hour and half. Just 275 to the 4. No tolls

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