I enjoyed AKL Sanaa tonight. Attentive service, excellent lamb shank and tasty bread sampler. Bird #4 was at our window and lots of other animals on the savanna for viewing. Simply a wonderful time.


Sounds wonderful! Glad you had a great evening!!

Thanks for sharing. Happy to know that you enjoyed it. I just made a late lunch ressie for our first day. This has been on my wish list for a couple years now so I am very excited. How much time should I allow to get from the parking lot to Sanaa (and we have handicapped parking)?

Parking garage for Sanaa is really close to the entrance for the restaurant. Do not remember the handicap situation but would be shocked if they weren’t choice spots.

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Sanaa is one of my new favorite WDW restaurants. The bread service is a MUST do!

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Once you are unloaded to inside the restaurant? 5 min. Take an elevator up to hotel, walk through the lobby, take an elevator down. I remember there being several handicapped spots

I have to disagree about the regular parking based on our different experience. When we went to Sanaa, the only available regular parking spots in the parking garage were literally at the very, very, very, very, VERY END of the building. So it was about a 15 minute walk if not more to take the elevator up, walk the entire length of the building (Oh my GOD that place is huge), and then finally through the lobby and find the restaurant. It was a fun walk, looking out the windows here and there, but really – wow.

I probably got lucky. Regular spot maybe 20ft from the elevator.

Or we did something really wrong, ha ha! As I kept driving deeper and deeper into the abyss of the parking garage I kept asking myself, is this REALLY where we’re supposed to be going?? :slight_smile:

I must’ve gotten lucky like Sam…even the elevator we went up was the one right outside the front door to the lobby! Either way, walking through the hotel and looking at animals is never a bad thing. The art in AKL and KV is incredible

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