Sanaa vs Tusker House

So right now we have a Tusker House dinner ADR for our AK day. However, I’ve heard great things about Sanaa. We ate at TH last time we went to Disney and liked it, but i always want to try something new. We have 2 boys 6 and 2. Also this wouldn’t be our only CM. We have a Chef Mickeys ADR booked. Would you keep TH or leave the park and go to Sanaa? Thanks.

TH and Sanaa are two of my family’s favorites - we often do both in a trip’s time, but I understand if that’s not possible for you to do. They are really different experiences but both are amazing. I would place TH well above CM for both food and character interaction, personally, but I completely get that CM is iconic (and my kids still ask for it some trips even at almost 15 and 11!).

The main thing I would consider is the food. At a buffet, it’s always easier, I think, for the more choosy eaters to find something they like. At TH in particular they have a “kids’ staion” with usual kid favorites like mac and cheese and chicken and the like (I know some adults personally who partake a bit there). But the food at TH is a little but less adventurous for those who may be choosy eaters, as well.

That being said, my family couldn’t be more picky if they tried, and they all can find things they love to eat at Sanaa. Sanaa is a much quieter experience, more relaxing I find - and if you’re going during daylight hours (what time is dinner, and what time is sunset?) the view is incredible even if you’re not right up on the glass.

Obviously a major consideration will be convenience. While the trip from AK to AKL-Kidani is not at all long, you still have to factor in getting out through the gates, waiting for a bus (or a tram to your car if you’ve driven), getting over there, and then reversing the process. If you’re looking for a midday break from the park, this is a great option, but since you’re considering dinner - toward the end of the day - it may make more sense to enjoy TH as it is located inside the park.

I’m not sure I’ve helped except to offer more factors for you to consider. Either way rest assured that you’re going to have a fantastic meal as they both have a lot to offer all around!


Depends on how precious your time is, you’ll lose 90 mins getting to Sanaa and back, less if you aren’t returning to AK

We have gone to Tusker House with a mix of adventurous and very picky eaters. The food and the character interactions were great for all! Even my DD5 who was very hesitant to interact at the time loved it! This time we are staying at AKL but not going to AK (:joy:) so will finally be trying Sanaa! We have never done CM because as the planner I selfishly chose the character meal with food I thought I would like!

Are you talking 90 minutes just in travel time? Or are you including the meal time as well?

Traveling time, worst case scenario

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I can’t speak for Sanaa, but Tusker House was great the last time my mother and I visited. We have already booked our Tusker House with ROL breakfast for next trip. If anyone in your party has allergies, they handle it really well. Tusker House handled it the best of any of the restaurants we visited (although honestly, Disney does a good job with allergies). A chef came to my table and asked if I wanted to go walk the buffet. We went over everything on the buffet to decide what I could and could not eat (my allergy is relatively minor and not found in a lot of stuff). No kids on our trip, but we love the character interaction.

I will second @OBNurseNH. I love both. Our last trip we loved Sanaa so much that we scheduled another ADR. It was just as good the second time. Mind you, we were staying at AKL and we were driving. Travel time is very short. Time waiting for buses is the 1 million dollar question, though.

Sanaa is very relaxing and less frantic than TH.


Entirely different experiences. Based on food along, Sanaa is hands down the better choice. Sanaa is primarily Indian cuisine and Tuskegee House is more “African”, with the usual Disney buffet items added for the unadventurous. TH is kind of fun because of the characters, but at Sanaa you can likely watch “real” animals through the window.

But there is the location factor to consider. As much as I love Sanaa, I typically save it for a non-park day; I would prefer not to take 2-3 hours out of a park day to get there, eat, and return. But that was back in the days that AK typically closed a 5:00 and 3 hours out of a short day was just too much time; now that it’s open 4 or 5 hours longer, it might be a nice break in the middle of the day.

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I and my wife have both ate at the Tusker House and hate it. Guess were not that adventurous. Lot of Curry in the food and everything has an off taste to it. Brought Grandson of 16 late trip and he hated it also. Everyone is different and as you see many love it. We discovered Hoop De Doo review and for a family you cannot beat it. Good old country cooking and a lot of it. Fried Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Baked beans and sure. Truly finger lick’en good. The stage show is hilarious. Only bad part is you must pre order and pay up front and choose your seating. Not a bad price and you can cancel.

Then definitely do not go to Sanaa :wink:

I love both but for completely different reasons. TH for huge variety of normal but also outside-the-box Asian/African (for Americans) food, plus the super fun but not speedy character opportunities (which are great – Safari themed!). Not as slow as Crystal Paalce, but not leisurely, in a British empire sort of way.
Sanaa is more authentic Indian and east African, and more an adult chill experience. Families with kids there always, but if I had littles I would do Boma instead. And yes, quite a time investment. So its really a matter of what you are looking for.

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Yes, you are right and we would not. I believe it is another double credit meal and for us not worth it. We went to Marakish in Epcot and it was terrible. Also tried to charge us two DPP credits each. Had to get this fixed at the resort. I know there are people that love this place as well but I guess we being from the center part of the US don’t quite have the taste for this type of food. :expressionless:

Sanaa is just one credit.

my mistake. thought it was 2 credits. :persevere:

Jiko is the signature (read: 2 credit) dining option at AKL

I absolutely love Sanaa! We always make this our arrival dinner due to the fact that it is so far out of the way from the parks.

If you are already in AK, I would opt to stay and enjoy Tusker House.

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